If you're looking for a stunning, triple-A quality soundtrack at a budget-friendly price, look no further. With years of industry experience, Garrett Beelow possesses the artistry and technical skill to deliver rousing scores for even the most unique projects. With a personal commitment to high quality audio, Garrett provides professional music compositions at a competitive price. For more information, please explore Garrettbeelow.com!

About the composer
Garrett Beelow, 23, became fascinated with music at an early age. Hammering out chord progressions and melodies at age 9, there was never any doubt that music was Garrett's one and only true passion. Years of detication and artistic growth have shaped Garrett into a musician that, above all else, relishes the satisfaction of a job well done. More...

02.04 | Latest news

Brand new, original piece now available for your listening pleasure! Have a listen to Human Element, available now on SoundCloud.

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